Sample Report Road truck with crane

Checklist for a truck-mounted crane

A truck with a crane needs a deeper inspection than a standard lorry. Experienced inspectors look to used trucks with a crane and inspect the condition not just of the truck but also of the crane. Using a inspection checklist for truck mounted crane helps to perform a reasonable job. Our inspectors take notes and make tests:

  • Basic Truck configuration
  • Cab condition, seats, levers, swichtech, A/C
  • Engine information and condition
  • Condition of the Exterior (chassis, sheet metal, paint)
  • Power train, gearbox, transmission
  • Condition of hydraulic and steering system (pump, performance, hydraulic lines and cylinders)
  • Functional test (steering, brakes, electrics, retarder)
  • Crane condition and lift test (load required by seller)
  • Condition of the tyres
  • Comments and recommendation for repairs
  • Transport dimensions

See a sample of a report below. On request we can send a PDF-version of such a report.

Sample Report for a road truck with crane inspection

What extras can you order?

Let us know if you need more info as we usually provide. We can add testing and specific attention to areas. You can inform what you need. In some areas we can add truck diagnosis by Mercedes-Benz Star-Diag.

If you have questions about the service please contact the team by Whatsapp or by phone +493520639150. We are happy to answer in detail.

Pictures and video coming with a Mevas-Report

Each machine inspection comes along with 50-80 pictures and in with a short video. In case of interest it is possible to see an truck with crane report in detail on our Google-Drive folder.

Picture folder from a truck inspection
Sample of a picture folder for a truck

Learn more about Mevas

For some kind of machines we made a video about the inspection process. Check out our YouTube-Channel to learn more about what we do.

Other sample reports for heavy machinery

Visit our overview for other sample inspection checklists for heavy machinery.

Types of trucks

We inspect different types of trucks. We have a specific inspection form for each one – so we make sure that every detail is checked.

  1. Semi-Truck (Tractor head): These trucks have a saddle coupling that allows them to tow semi-trailers or trailers. They are often used for transporting cargo over long distances.
  2. Tipper Truck: These trucks have a hydraulic tipping mechanism that allows them to unload materials such as sand, rubble, or debris. They are commonly used in construction projects or mining.
  3. Delivery Van or Truck: Small to medium-sized trucks primarily used for transporting goods in urban areas. They are often used for delivering packages, food, or other goods in delivery operations.
  4. Tank Truck: These trucks are specifically designed for transporting liquids such as fuel, water, chemicals, or milk. They have specialized tanks designed for the safe transport of the liquid.
  5. Refrigerated Truck: These trucks are equipped with cooling or freezing systems and are used to transport perishable goods such as food or medical supplies that require refrigeration to maintain freshness.
  6. Trucks with a crane: These trucks are equipped with a crane that can lift and move heavy loads. They are often used in construction projects or for loading and unloading cargo.
  7. Dump Truck (Articulated or rigid): Similar to tippers, but with a bed that can lift off the truck frame to quickly unload materials. They are commonly used on construction sites or in mines.
  8. Timber Truck: These trucks are specifically equipped for transporting timber and can carry either logs or already cut wood.