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Here you can find answers to basic questions about our inspection services for heavy equipment.

Basic questions

Payment questions

Technical questions

What inspection service is offered by Mevas?

Mevas offers independent technical appraisal of used heavy machinery. Upon request, we will quote the costs for the repair. Our technicians deliver a photographic documentation of the machine and a detailed inspection report. Everything is transparently comprehensible. No need to travel long distance to a machine. Mevas delivers all the data conveniently by Cloud share. You can stay at home and judge equipment condition.

What kind of equipment can be inspected?

Our team of inspectors is trained to professionally inspect all types of earthmoving machinery and lifting equipment. We inspect used trucks, including large quarry tractors, (mobile) cranes, paving and road construction machines, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, technology from special civil engineering such as drilling rigs, pile drivers or desanders, as well as crushers and shredders. For scrap handling, we inspect material handling machines, scrap balers and shears.

Where can Mevas inspect used machinery?

Our main office is in Germany, but our inspectors are available in almost all countries in Europe. We also have technicans in Dubai/UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, USA and Australia. Mevas is a global working service. More details about our coverage.

How are the report and pictures provided?

The results of the inspection, such as images, videos and a report, are made available in a cloud folder on GoogleDrive or another share. The customer receives an access link and can thus retrieve everything conveniently. Our team sends a link by email, or by Whatsapp if requested. If you wish to see some sample reports click here.

How long after my order will it take to get a report?

After receiving the order, Mevas team will arrange an inspection date with the seller. We will let you know when the inspection will take place and the results are usually communicated on the working day after the inspection. top ▲

How much does an inspection cost?

A standard inspection within Europe costs about 800 euros. The price can vary depending on the size and type of machine and the effort required for the inspection and travel.
The prices for a crane or a special machine are correspondingly higher. If the inspection of several machines is desired, we offer a flat rate.

At what time do I have to pay for an inspection?

As a general rule, we ask for payment in advance for clients for whom we are working for the first time. A pro-forma invoice will be issued and after receiving of the payment receipt we start with the organisation. For returning customers other rules may apply.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We offer the following payment options: Bank transfer, payment via Wise from customers sending money from the UK, Australia or the USA, payment via Paypal or a major credit card. If you wish to pay be Western Union or Moneygram a 30 euro service fee needs to be added.

Is it required to have an operator from supplier?

It depends on what kind of machine is being inspected. If it is a construction machine such as an excavator, wheel loader, bulldozer, roller, dump truck, or other construction, agricultural, or truck machinery, we do not need a driver. Our technicians are familiar with these machines and know how to operate them.

When inspecting a (mobile) crane, a concrete pump or, for example, special technology such as drilling/piling rigs an operator is requird. We clarify those details with the seller or equipment supplier. When our technichian arrives on construction site or in the quarry he talks to the staff on site to arrange a smooth inspection. top ▲

Is an operational test included in an inspection?

A functional test is part of our standards. It is important that the machine is ready to start and that there is some space available on site, on construction site or in the quarry so that we can check all the functions. But no worries – we discuss this with the seller when scheduling the inspection.

Can Mevas download engine info from ECU or ECM?

Yes, we can download the Product Status Report for Caterpillar machines (PSR). With this report you get information about logged error codes and hours of the machine. In some cases, these may differ from the hours which are displayed. For some Volvo machines (up to H-series maximum) we can provide the Matris-Report. In a TA-2 inspection for Caterpillar the PSR is included anyway.

Which levels of inspections are offered by Mevas?

Our inspections are based on the Caterpillar TA1-level inspection. But it ins not only the visual inspection it includes also a functional test. Engines, gearboxes and torques are tested by running the machine. Tyres or Undercarriage are measured and estimated for remaining life. A detailed inspection checklist is prepared and photo documentation is taken. The so-called Product Status Report PSR is downloaded from the ECMs at Caterpillar machines. For some Volvo machines we can provide the Matris. We know where to look out for weak points on the equipment and check them carefully. If you have questions afterwards, we are there for you and answer them quickly. On request we do also offer TA2-level inspections.

Is a pressure testing included in an inspection?

Our standard inspection does not include pressure testing. We do offer pressure testing for the hydraulic functions for an additional fee. Please talk to us which pressures you need.

In which language can I communicate with Mevas?

The team speaks German and English. Wolfgang also speaks some French and Spanish.

Does Mevas buy or sell machines?

Since we are an independent appraisal company, it would be a contradiction in terms to deal in equipment at the same time. Therefore, we have excluded from the beginning that we become active as a dealer. If you need help in finding used construction equipment, we may be able to help. On the pages of Used-Equipment.de we have set up search functions and a search service. Please try it out.

If you did not find an answer to your question give us a call or send us a message. top ▲