Where Mevas inspects machinery

Inspectors in more than 25 countries

Heavy Equipment Inspectors are available all over in Europe and in many other countries. We have local inspectors in more than 25 countries and on four continents. Due our structure we can offer inspection services in many countries for reasonable and affordable fees.

Mevas Inspector Network in Europe

Machinery inspectors in Europe

The list of covered countries for inspections is long. We have local engineers in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Hungary, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Denmark, Croatia and Russia. For affordable prices we can send our technicians to the Czech Republic, Slovenia and the Baltic countries.

Equipment inspections in Americas

With our partner Honestinspections we cover a good part of the United States & Canada. We have an inspector in Colombia for Central America and South Americas. We can even provide inspection services in Chile and Peru.

Inspection and valuation in Pacific area & Australia

Three Mevas inspectors are available for Australia and we can support with unbiased inspections in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Used machinery inspectors in Middle East, Africa, China

Mevas can offer inspections in the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Ghana, in Egypt and in Shanghai / China.

What do we inspect?

Mevas is the leading inspection service for used construction machinery in Europe. Our team of inspectors is available for crane inspections and of course we can certify the condition of used road construction equipment and trucks. On request we offer appraisal and valuation. The core-team works in Europe. But we also have machinery inspectors in other parts of the world. Get in touch with the Mevas-Team if you need more info.

Global online valuation

If a used heavy machine valuation is required and it can come without on-site inspection we can offer an online-valuation no matter where the machine is located. Read more on our machinery-online-valuation page.