Mevas Inspection Pictures and Stories

Liebherr Quarry Excavator R9100

We inspected this excavator in France for German customer. The buyer later replaced the bucket by a larger one and the machine was used then by a local contractor in an open-pit mine of LEAG in Eastern Germany. Interesting detail for inspector: He learned that those big excavators don’t have an automatic engaging swing brake. The wear in components would be too high and superstructure is brought to hold with counter-swing operation.

Liebherr R9100
Liebherr R9100 Crawler Excavator inspection in France

Inspection of a used wheel loader CAT 994F

Last year inspected: CAT 994F, What a piece of iron. We were happy an Australian mining company choosed Mevas to inspect this machine. It was almost a CAT-TA2 inspection including oil samplings, cutting the filters open, measurement of cycle times and play in all pins & bushings. We tested the performance and downloaded the history from ECM. Photos and videos we did as always for big iron.

Inspector Hans who took measurements of play in all pins & bushings

Caterpillar 6020B backhoe

This excavator CAT 6020B was inspected by Mevas in 2021. As requested by our customer we what we call a “TA-1-Plus” inspection on this excavator. Oils were sampled, undercarriage measured, cycle times taken and of course the customer received a full excavator inspection checklist and a download from machine ECM. For getting more info about wear in components the play in swing bearing was measured and a functional test was performed. The customer could sit at home and received a detailed report of condition without traveling.

CAT 6020 excavator
Caterpillar excavator 6020 inspected by Mevas

A fleet of bulldozers, used for de-forestation in Gabun

Our team inspected a fleet of used bulldozers in Gabun, West-Africa. The de-forestation project, undertaken by OLAM in cooperation with the government of Gabon was almost finished. The natural forest was replaced by palm-oil pantations. A large fleet of Komatsu and Caterpillar bulldozers was for sale by the end. Andras and Wolfgang performed more than 80 inspections in just one week. Due the humidity it was quite exhausting.

Komatsu D85
Used bulldozer Komatsu D85 in Africa

Quarry equipment inspections

There are always challenges for machinery inspectors. Blast hole rock drill inspections are one of those. To understand the technical condition we need to learn how the machine works. Sooner or later each Mevas inspector comes accross a Tamrock or a Atlas Copco drill. Good to know how the carousell works and why the machine needs a compressor and a dust removal system. Also for this kind of equipment we use a specific checklist.

Rock Drill Tamrock Ranger
Blast-hole rock drill for use in quarry

O&K Terex RH120

This excavator was inspected by Wolfgang in the facilities of Schwenk-Zement for a German customer. He intended to convert it to a long-reach excavator for a special project. It was a bit a crazy idea and I was happy I could convice him to stay away. Finally he used the machine for another open-pit mining project. The former O&K or Terex mining excavator business was taken over from Bucyrus and they sold it later to Caterpillar. The RH120 successor is now the CAT 6030.

RH120 quarry excavator

Core business of Mevas is the inspection and valuation of used heavy machinery. A team of 27 inspectors is available in many contries around the Globe. Do you want to purchase excavators, wheel loaders, trucks or used cranes from sellers you can’t trust to 100%? Then call us for inspection. We can support your business in many places. An inspection usually costs less than replacing a single damaged hydraulic cylinder.