Global Appraisal of Heavy Machinery

Asset valuation, mining and quarry equipment

Mevas is a reliable expert service when it comes to inspection and evaluation of plant, machinery and equipment in open pit mines, quarries or construction machinery fleets. Our technicians are trained to inspect excavators of all sizes, small and large wheel loaders, quarry vehicles, drilling rigs and other heavy machinery. Whether the appraisal of just a few pieces of equipment or an entire fleet is required, we have the knowledge and capacity. Upon request, we can provide a number of projects where we have assessed equipment in mines, quarries, or entire fleets of construction equipment on larger construction sites. We have been heavy equipment appraisers for more than 20 years and we worked so far in more than 20 countries on four continents.

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CAT 6020 excavator in a quarry

We are ready to send engineers for on-site inspections to most areas of the world. Our team speaks several languages and we are used to working on construction sites, in quarries or open pit mines. For more information, just give us a call.


An experienced team of machine inspectors is available in almost all European countries, Africa and the USA. The German management leads a team of international inspectors. All engineers are trained to inspect used machinery. We are at home on dealer yards, in mines, quarries or on construction sites. Most importantly, Mevas does nothing but inspections and evaluations and we keep information about customers and machines confidential. Read more about our business policy.

We don’t fear big yellow iron and larger projects

We have extended experience with machinery of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Terex and Liebherr. Impossible to count how many Volvo machines we have inspected since 2006. Must be over 3.000 units. However, the color of the machinery doesn’t matter. We inspect mining machinery of all size. For larger projects we can send up to five engineers at the same time. It all depends on requirements and budget.

Camion CAT 777D
Mining Truck CAT 777D

Completed projects

Whether there is a single machine or a fleet of trucks, excavators, road construction machines or other equipment, no problem for our team. Some of our larger projects so far:

  • 2024: Valuation of 100 cement trucks, mixer-trailers, concrete pumps and ready-mix trucks for Heidelberg Materials
  • 2024: Valuation of a fleet Komatsu HD785 and WA800-900 in a Gold Mine in California
  • 2023: Valuation of a fleet of cranes in Senegal, Appraisal for a fleet of underground mining machines in Bosnia
  • 2022: Valuation of approx. 92 machines at Katanga Frontier Mine in DRC/Africa for a buyer
  • 2019: Valuation of 180 used heavy machines in Qatar; Inspection of 125 machines of Manchester Waste Recycling Management on behalf of SUEZ
  • 2010-2012: Inspection of more than 1.200 Caterpillar machines for Caterpillar Financial at various locations in Europe
  • 2018: Fleet-Audit for the new contractor at the Ariane Airspace centre (CNES) in French Guyana. 150 mobile items.
  • 2017: Inspection of 160 used and semi-new bulldozers and excavators at the OLAM plantations in Gabon/Africa.
  • 2016: Inspection and Valuation of 68 large mobile machines and processing plants in Quarries of Hartsteinwerke Burg, Basalt-AG, Germany.
  • 2015: Inspection and valuation of 85 excavators, wheel loaders and railway construction machines at sites of SERSA-Group.
  • 2014: Inspection of all equipment in a larger Quarry in Spain, CAT & Komatsu trucks, excavators Komatsu PC2000, workshop inventory, crushers & screens.

References for Mining Plant & Equipment Appraisal

Get in contact with us to learn more how we can support asset purchase or sale in mining projects. We can be the third party for an unbiased valuation of mining-assets. Mevas has excellent contacts in the industry.

Valuation reports and condition analysis for:

  • Air Compressors and local Mining Power Stations
  • Blast Hole Rock Drills and Attachments
  • Construction Machinery
  • Conveyor Technology and Cranes
  • Earth Moving Machines
  • Milling Machines & Cold Planners
  • Quarry Excavators Backhoe and Front Shovel
  • Soil Stabilizers and Wheel Dozers
  • Stationary and Mobile Crushing Plants
  • Stationary and Mobile Screening plants

On-screen valuation sufficient?

In some cases you just want to be sure about a residual value for a construction equipment. If an appraisal without on-site-inspection is OK we can help with an on-screen-valuation.

PC2000 excavator Komatsu and a fleet of mining trucks
Mining Fleet inspection by Mevas in the UK

What is appraisal in relation to heavy machinery, when is it necessary and who can do it?

Appraisal in the context of heavy machinery refers to the process of determining the monetary value of the equipment. It is necessary for various reasons, including:

  1. Insurance Purposes: Appraisals help in determining the appropriate insurance coverage for heavy machinery, ensuring that it is adequately protected in case of damage or loss.
  2. Financing: Lenders may require an appraisal to assess the value of the machinery before providing financing or loans.
  3. Buying and Selling: Appraisals are crucial when buying or selling heavy machinery. It provides an objective assessment of the equipment’s value, aiding in fair transactions.
  4. Taxation: Tax assessments may use appraised values for heavy machinery to determine property taxes.
  5. Asset Management: Companies often conduct appraisals as part of their asset management strategy to track the value of their equipment over time.

Professionals known as certified machinery and equipment appraisers typically perform these assessments. These individuals are trained and certified to provide accurate and unbiased appraisals. They may have expertise in specific industries or types of machinery.

Since a certification is usually only valid in the issuing country, you have to see if you can find engineers with the relevant experience for international projects. The guys from Mevas have already proven several times that they can safely assess large machines.

It’s important to note that appraisers should adhere to ethical and professional standards in their assessments. If you require a machinery appraisal, it’s advisable to seek the services of a qualified and accredited appraiser with relevant experience in heavy machinery.