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How to check the hydraulic pump?

How can I check if my excavator hydraulic pump is working well?

In the event that the hydraulic excavator does not have enough power or even when buying an excavator, it is useful to check whether the hydraulic pump has enough power. Normally, however, you do not have any equipment for measuring pressure with you. Don’t forget that pressure alone is not a criterion for sufficient power. You would also have to measure the volume of the oil flow.

Hydraulic Pressure Testing during inspection of an excavator

So what can be done to check the performance of the hydraulic pump?

An excavator usually has a so-called load-sensing pump. The pump’s sensors constantly check the pressure and the oil volume demanded. The pump permanently adjusts the volume flow and the pressure to the requirements during work. To check performance, an experienced inspector will usually test whether the excavator can make three different working movements at the same time without slowing down the flow of one working movement. For example, lifting the boom, extending the arm and extending the bucket at the same time. The inspector must note whether there are one or more hydraulic pumps for the different components. Often the traction drive has a separate pump.

Pressure test for comparison with the manufacturer’s data

The type of test described so far is helpful if you do not have a pressure gauge available. However, for a more accurate test of performance, it is helpful to be able to measure pressures. To do this, the inspector needs to connect a pressure gauge to the test ports and measure the pressures for the pump and the pilot pressure. The recorded data must be compared with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Hydraulic-Pressure gauge for excavator testing

Which company can inspect an excavator with pressure measurement?

Some MEVAS inspectors are equipped with dial gauges. We can offer a very thorough examination of the condition of used hydraulic excavators in various countries. Of course, we are also responsible for any other construction machine and for large equipment from the mining industry. The guide can be downloaded here.