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Mining Plant inspection

Does it make sense to inspect used machines before you buy them?

Yes, it does. These machines are working in rough conditions and if you are purchasing this kind of used machinery there is always some risk. We have seen in the past many costly problems on these machines. Small repairs such as a leaking cylinder or a broken window can sum up to several hundred Euros. But if the engine has low performance or the undercarriage is worn the repairs can easily extend to some thousand Euro. Therefore we recommend an unbiased inspection before you send money to the supplier.

Who can evaluate the current value and condition of big iron without a conflict of interest?

Mevas can. For our technicians inspecting large machines is part of their daily work. They look at the machines with the eyes of a future user. Our inspections focus on the technical details rather than the appearance of the equipment. So if you want to avoid an unpleasant and costly surprise, talk to us about the price of a pre-used machine inspection.

We carry out inspections for equipment of various types according to customer requirements, for individual machines or entire fleets. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a truck, an excavator, a crusher, a bulldozer, a screening plant or a drilling rig.

Global inspection service

We inspect and evaluate heavy machinery wherever it is located: This year we have done inspections for machines & trucks in Qatar for PlantAndEquipment.com Detailed condition reports, pictures and videos were prepared for more than one hundred units.

This was already our second large project in Qatar. Our team has been for big projects with over one hundred and fifty inspections in Gabon, French Guyana and in the UK. We have also inspected heavy construction equipment in Kazakhstan, Siberia and in Australia.

If you need an independent assessment of the condition of a used machine fleet or individual machines, then you have come to the right place.

Used wheel loader inspection

Before you buy a used wheel loader, you should check and test the machine. Here we show you what you should look out for.

16+ Years of Experience

Since we have been doing nothing but assessing the condition of used machines for our customers for over 16 years, we know wheel loaders very well. With Volvo and Caterpillar machines, for example, we can read out the ECM and thus obtain data on the machine history and we know the weak points of some series.

Third Party Heavy Machinery Inspection

We are MEVAS – The Heavy Equipment inspectors. Our intention is to set the standards for independent used equipment inspections in Europe.

16+ Years of Experience

Mevas (the acronym stands for Machinery Evaluation Services) was founded in 2006 to provide an independent inspection service for used heavy machinery. Our office is located in Germany. However, through our network of contract inspectors and technicians, we can offer our inspection service in almost all European countries, the Middle East, parts of Africa, Shanghai/China and Australia. This means that we are often not too far away from the plants to be inspected. This allows us to react flexibly to customer requests.

Independent and reliable

The basis of our policy is absolute independence from sellers, providers and dealers of used machinery. MEVAS and all commissioned equipment inspectors are not involved in the machinery trade. We do not accept commissions and do not prepare appraisals for the benefit of third parties. Rather, we pride ourselves on providing a completely unbiased assessment of all machinery we inspect.

We keep our client relationships and inspection results confidential. A completed inspection report is for the exclusive use of the client. We do not speak anywhere about machines we have inspected or about other machines we have seen.

Clients around the globe

Many customers from around the world trust in our services. In an average year we inspect approximately 800 used machines, trucks and cranes. We inspect small machines such as mini excavators as well as large machines in the mining industry and are also able to carry out large assessment projects. Contact us if you have any questions.

Used Machinery Inspections in Africa

Who can inspect used mining and construction equipment on the African continent?

Mevas is based in Germany and having a large network of independent machinery inspectors. Most technicians are based in Europe. However, we know engineers and technicians from the industry in so many countries. It is very likely that we can support with inspections in many areas in Africa. For sure we have inspection partners in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and in some Arabic countries.

Mining and Plant engineers

Since we are an inspection company, offering this service since 2006 and because Wolfgang is in the industry sine 1982 we have many connections and we know many engineers. We have been inspecting machines in Botswana, Gabun, Tunisia, Nigeria and Ghana. No problem for our technicians to travel to many other countries.

Which inspection level is offered?

Depending on location and who we can send the level of inspection ranges from TA-1 to TA-2 which are Caterpillar descriptions for heavy machinery inspections. get in touch with us for more details and a specific offer.

What kind of equipment can we inspect in Africa?

  • bulldozers and tracked loaders
  • wheel loaders and backhoe loaders
  • earthmoving and mining excavators
  • quarry and mining trucks
  • road construction machinery
  • crushing and screen plant

The inspection fee for machinery in Africa depends very much on location. If you send us a machine list with location, machine types and info about local circumstances in regard of safety we can raise an offer within a few hours.

Where do you find out about used machinery, mining machinery?

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Inspected tracked excavator by Mevas

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