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Heavy machinery inspections in cooperation with LECTURA

Mevas offers heavy equipment inspection services for all kind of heavy machinery. For the price starting at 680 € for a single machine, we carry out a professional inspection of the condition. This is possible in more than 20 countries. The exact price depends on the location and the machine size.

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Please contact us by phone, WhatsApp or E-Mail with details of machine and its location. You can also use the form below. We answer inspection inquiries within a day. If you first need more info about the service start over here.

LECTURA valuation and specs

LECTURA is an information company with focus on heavy equipment specifications and appraisal. Its Buyer´s Guide LECTURA Specs website contains technical specifications and information about more than 173 000 machines. LECTURA offers variations of Valuation Tools, such as LECTURA Valuation or calculating Residual Value Lines. We, on the other hand are the international technical experts for on-site-inspections. » Die Deutsche Version dieser Seite finden Sie hier.