Mevas Inspection Reports

Mevas offers heavy equipment inspection services since 2006. We have a range of different machines we inspect. From construction equipment like wheel loaders, excavators, pavers and scrapers we also inspect all kind of trucks like dump trucks, tractor head trucks, road trucks up to demolition and mining equipment. For each kind of machine we have a specific inspection form. All major machine components are listed and get a condition rating. Our standardized forms ensure that every component is thoroughly examined during the inspection and that no detail is forgotten. Check out our video about Mevas inspection forms.

Video about Equipment Inspection Checklist

What will you receive after a Mevas-inspection?

After the inspection you will receive a link to download all pictures and the inspection report. Our detailed inspection report contains information about the condition of each important component of the machine. It starts with basic machine information, followed by condition of components, info about tires or undercarriage and transport dimensions. The inspector makes a comment about general condition and required repairs.

In addition to the visual inspection, there is a functional test in which our technician moves the machine and tests the functions. All our technicians are used to move large machines and pay attention to discrepancies, the exhaust fumes or abnormal noises of the machine.

Each machine report comes with 70-100 photos and on request including a video. In some cases we can add the download from machine ECU/ECM.

Inspection level TA-1 and TA-2

Our inspections are comparable to the level which Caterpillar has etablished as TA-1 and TA-2 inspections. Call us to learn more about it.

A thorough technical analysis usually pays off

Before buying a used machine, get a comprehensive overview of the technical condition of the machine from independent experts. You will benefit from our experience in the field of used machines. We look out for type-specific weak points and general signs of wear and make sure that the wear and tear corresponds to the number of hours specified.

Equipment inspection sample reports

Do you need a used heavy equipment inspection checklist? Get in touch with us for a copy of a completed report. We can share an inspection checklist on request. However, the report form allone will not help you. A qualified engineer is required to check machine condition. Only an experienced guy will see hidden problems or things which are not obvious to someone who is not working or operating with machines.

  • Crusher inspection checklist
  • Concrete pump report form
  • Dozer inspection checklist
  • Motor grader inspection report
  • Paver condition report form
  • Tracked excavator examination report
  • Wheel loader inspection report

Buy your inspection online

Mevas has an online shop for used machinery inspections. Once you agreed a price with the team it is possible to order and pay by credit card. In any case it is recommended to talk to Mevas first.

Free heavy machinery inspection checklist

Is there a free PDF-Checklist for used heavy equipment available? Can you download free inspection documents for bulldozer or excavator? Maybe there are such documents somwhere at the WWW. But why would someone expect to get it for free? All machinery inspection documents have been created by someone and labour was invested. So in our opinion knowledge has a value and it should be paid for the use of it.