Sample of a concrete pump inspection checklist

If you order a Concrete pump inspection you would receive a detailed report

Mevas is your global operating expert for inspection of used concrete pumps. We are available for a proper inspection of the condition and remaining life. We all check these points below and fill up a concrete pump inspection checklist:

  • Basic Machine information
  • Cab details and condition, levers, shifters, windows, A/C etc
  • Engine information and condition, fume, smell, cooling system
  • Exterior (chassis, outriggers, sheet metal, lights)
  • Condition of the Power Train and the Hydraulic system (cylinders, pump)
  • Functional test (including water test if the seller confirms)
  • Pump section inspection (rock valve, boom sections, hopper)
  • Comments and recommendation for repairs
  • Transport dimensions

See a sample of a concrete pump report below.

Concrete pump inspection report
Concrete pump checklist for purchase of a used pump

What extras can you order?

Let us know if you have specific requirements. Our inspectors can provide any additional testing or verification. Shall we check any documents with the seller? Is the lates safety check or TÜV relevant for you?

If you have questions about the service please contact the team by Whatsapp or by phone +493520639150. We are happy to answer in detail.

Pictures and video coming with a Mevas-Report

Each machine inspection comes along with 50-80 pictures and in with a short video. In case of interest it is possible to see a concrete pump report in detail on our Google-Drive folder.

Video about Concrete pump inspection by Mevas

For some kind of machines we made a video about the inspection process. For a concrete pump an inspection video it is available on our YouTube-Channel.

Other sample reports heavy machinery

Visit our overview for other sample inspection checklists for heavy machinery.

What you need to check when inspecting a used concrete pump

When inspecting a used concrete pump, here are seven main points to focus on:

  1. Overall Condition: Assess the general condition of the pump, looking for signs of wear, rust or damage.
  2. Pump Mechanism: Examine the pump mechanism thoroughly, including the hydraulic system, pipes, hoses and valves.
  3. Engine Health: Check the engine for any signs of malfunction, leaks, or unusual noise/smoke during operation.
  4. Boom Structure: Inspect the boom structure for any cracks, welds or other structural issues that could affect its stability and safety.
  5. Electrical System: Test the electric system, including controls, switches to make sure that all components are proper working.
  6. Maintenance Records: Review the maintenance records to assess the pump’s service history and ensure it has been well-maintained.
  7. Safety Features: Verify that all safety features, such as emergency stop buttons, safety rails and warning signs, are present and functional.

By thoroughly checking these points during your inspection, you can make a more informed decision when purchasing a used concrete pump. If you can’t inspect the pump yourself, you can consider hiring a professional inspection service or company specializing in machinery inspections. Mevas stands out as a reliable option for such inspections, ensuring thorough evaluations to help you make the best purchase decision. Give us a call for a price offer and details.