CAT machinery hour meter reading

A listing of used Caterpillar machinery with serial numbers, date of inspection and hour meter reading

Here you can find machine information for Caterpillar equipment with working hours on a specific date. This list can help to verify if hours on the Service Meter Unit of a machine are correct. In some cases people change hour meters to sell aged equipment for a higher price 🙁

Find here historic info about Caterpillar machines

There is no warranty the given information is 100% true. The listing relies on earlier hour meter readings by CAT technicians doing a TA-1 with PSR and on logged CAT-SIMS information. If you want to be on the safe side send a qualified technician with CAT-ET to the machine to download the latest information from the ECM.

What can you do if your machine is not listed here?

Send us a message and explain why you are looking to find the real working hours of a Caterpillar machine. In some cases we might be able to help. Don’t forget to mention the serial number and type in your message.

Caterpillar hour meter reading of a bulldozer during inspection
Machine Type     Serial No. Date    Hour Meter Reading 
ExcavatorCAT 330DGGE0068813.12.2022 28951
ExcavatorCAT 3258FN0173819.12.20119960
ExcavatorCAT 325DPKE0041612.10.2012 6876
ExcavatorCAT 336FLRBC1000312.09.20238569
ExcavatorCAT 325DPKE0103519.02.20158014
ExcavatorCAT 325FLRBW2018903.10.20235718
Wheel LoaderCAT 972ML9S0028406.10.202312138
Wheel LoaderCAT 966HA6G0036131.10.202317217
Wheel LoaderCAT 980MN8T0062109.11.202320449
Wheel LoaderCAT 980KGTZ0059309.11.202320160
BulldozerCAT D9TTWG0063311.05.202327673
Wheel LoaderCAT 988HBXY0223604.07.202319345
ExcavatorCAT 330CCGZ0035728.06.201934012
ExcavatorCAT 325DLGPB0046526.10.201714871
ExcavatorCAT 330DLRAS0130008.05.201915435
ExcavatorCAT 320DLKGF0245030.03.202112911
ExcavatorCAT 320DLKGF0364422.07.201713820
ExcavatorCAT 315CLANF0053209.07.201821665
ExcavatorCAT 319DLZGZ0050923.02.202217194
Wheel LoaderCAT 966KPBG0088402.06.202214265
ExcavatorCAT 345CGPH0049912.10.202018650
Quarry TruckCAT 771D6JR0012924.10.202324166
BulldozerCAT D6NGHS0070807.11.202313211
BulldozerCAT D8TJ8B0039727.09.202314468
ADT TruckCAT 740BL4E0175922.10.201513386
Quarry TruckCAT 772GKEX0023814.09.20237315
ExcavatorCAT 320DJFZ0801320.04.20168575
Motor GraderCAT 160H6WM0033019.04.20219210
Motor GraderCAT 140KSZL0227205.06.20217574
Motor GraderCAT 140HCCA0373616.07.201910679
Motor GraderCAT 140MD9G0014724.02.202117801
Motor GraderCAT 14MB9J0019422.06.20208167
Motor GraderCAT 16MR9H0014505.02.20156828
Motor GraderCAT 16HATS0040930.03.202212845
BulldozerCAT D7ETJA0047605.06.20178795
Track LoaderCAT 963KLBL0057822.05.202310503
ExcavatorCAT 330D RAS01300 18.04.2015 12059 
ExcavatorCAT 323 RAZ1076224.02.2023 6633 
Mini ExcavatorCAT 305E2 H5M11882 09.05.2023 2077 
Wheel LoaderCAT 930M KTG04009 05.06.2023 6608 
Wheel LoaderCAT 908M H8802789 04.03.2022 2537 
ExcavatorCAT 365BL 9PZ00311 25.08.2015 9874 
ExcavatorCAT 336F KCS10134 05.12.2023 6234 
Wheel LoaderCAT 966HA6G0036131.10.202317217
Wheel LoaderCAT 980MN8T0062109.11.202320449
Quarry TruckCAT 772 RLB00760 21.12.2022 16422 
Wheel LoaderCAT 982M K1Y01545 27.02.2023 11723 
ExcavatorCAT 374F DNM00404 23.12.2020 10316 
Wheel LoaderCAT 988G BNH00876 11.09.2013 19712 
Wheel LoaderCAT 966H A6G00256 21.02.2023 16566 
ExcavatorCAT 320E NAZ00266 22.08.2023 11168 
ExcavatorCAT 320E NAZ01880 31.10.2023 11277 
Wheel LoaderCAT 950HN1A0462828.02.202413594
ExcavatorCAT 345C S5M00234 12.02.2024 15630 
Motor GraderCAT 140H 2ZK03572 29.07.2015 9791 
Wheel LoaderCAT 962H N4A00381 13.09.2023 27815 
Wheel LoaderCAT 950GCM5K00435 03.03.2021 16508 
Dump TruckCAT 730 B1M03194 15.05.2023 12015 
ExcavatorCAT 345C S5M00234 12.02.2024 15630
Caterpiller hour meter readings for several machines on a specific date

What can I do to verify the working hours on a used Caterpillar machine?

Verifying the working hours on a used Caterpillar machine is important to assess its overall condition and determine its resale value. Here are several steps you can take to check the machine’s working hours:

  • What is an Hour Meter, a so-called SMU:
  • Most Caterpillar machines come equipped with an hour meter that records the total operating hours of the equipment. Locate the hour meter on the machine’s dashboard or control panel.
  • Check for any signs of tampering or manipulation around the hour meter. Look for broken seals or unusual wear that might indicate attempts to reset or alter the readings.
  • Check Service Records with the seller or previous owner:
  • Request service and maintenance records from the previous owner or dealer. These records often include information on the machine’s working hours at the time of each service.
  • Look for inconsistencies or gaps in the service records that could indicate potential issues with the machine’s history.
  • Caterpillar Electronic Technician (CAT ET):
  • Caterpillar provides a diagnostic tool called Caterpillar Electronic Technician (CAT ET). If you have access to this software and the necessary cables, you may be able to connect to the machine’s electronic control module (ECM) to retrieve detailed information, including working hours.
  • Keep in mind that using CAT ET may require technical expertise, and it’s usually done by professionals or authorized technicians.
  • Physical Inspection:
  • Examine the overall condition of the machine, including wear on components like the seat, pedals, and controls. Excessive wear may be indicative of higher usage.
  • Check for signs of heavy use or abuse, such as worn-out undercarriage components, hydraulic leaks, or excessive play in critical components.
  • Consult your local Caterpillar Dealer:
  • Contact a Caterpillar dealer with the machine’s serial number. They may be able to provide information about the machine’s history, including working hours, if it has been serviced or repaired by Caterpillar dealerships.
  • Third-Party Inspections:
  • Consider hiring a third-party inspection service such as MEVAS to assess the machine’s overall condition and verify working hours. These professionals can provide an unbiased evaluation of the equipment.

Remember that working hours are just one aspect of a machine’s condition. A comprehensive MEVAS inspection, along with a review of maintenance records and other relevant information, will give you a more accurate picture of the machine’s history and condition. If you’re unsure, consulting with Caterpillar dealers or professionals with expertise in used heavy equipment can be beneficial.