Caterpillar TA2-level inspection ?

What is a CAT TA-2 inspection ?

There are different types of inspections for used Caterpillar machines. There is the TA1-level for a standard inspection and the TA2-level for inspections with more in-depth investigations.

In line with the needs of our customers, we generally offer inspections at the TA1+ level. Can you imagine what that means? It is a visual inspection that includes a performance test and a functional test. Engines, gearboxes and torques are tested by running the machine. Tyres or Undercarriage are measured and estimated for remaining life. A detailed inspection checklist is prepared and photo documentation is taken. The so-called Product Status Report PSR is downloaded from the ECMs. And we look out for weak points on the equipment. If you have questions afterwards, we are there for you and answer them quickly.

Is a CAT TA-1 inspection sufficient?

For larger machines, a TA1 inspection is often not sufficient. Machines have a service life that far exceeds that of a standard earthmover. For these machines we offer an extended inspection service similar to TA2 on request. Our engineers do filter cutting, oil sampling, opening the final drives and take cycle times. We know the required specifications for CAT-equipment. For midsize and smaller machinery a TA-1 Plus is the best solution.

By the way, the level of a CAT-TA inspection applies as well for all other brands such as Liebherr, Komatsu, Hitachi or Volvo CE.

Do you have any experiences with Caterpillar TA2-level inspections? Let us know in the comments below.

CAT 994 wheel loader
CAT 994 wheel loader inspection done by Mevas

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