Construction, Quarry & Mining Machinery

Inspection and Valuation for all machinery used in mines or quarries

Mevas is your international partner for inspection of used heavy equipment. We have trained our technicians for inspection of excavators of all size, small and big wheel-loaders, quarry trucks & drill rigs. Our team inspects all kind of used machines in quarries and open pit mines. The engineers don’t fear dirty hands. Some of them even like it. Mevas staff understands your needs as a buyer or used of machines from different sources.

Why should you use Mevas?

An experienced team of machinery inspectors is available in almost all countries in Europe. However, we travel as well to Africa or any other part of the world. The German management leads a team of international inspectors. All engineers are trained for used machinery inspections. We are at home on dealer yards, in surface mines, quarries or construction sites. Most important: Mevas does nothing else than inspections and valuations and we keep info about customers and machines confident. Read more about our business policy.

What brands can we inspect and where?

We have extended experience with machinery of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Terex and Liebherr. Impossible to count how many Volvo machines we have inspected since 2006. Must be over 3.000 units. The team is now available in more than 25 countries. Have a look to the area we cover with our inspection services. And every year we extend the range a bit more.

Inspection of excavator and mining plant by Mevas Komatsu PC2000
Quarry Plant inspection by Mevas

Valuation of surface mining and quarry machinery

We have proven in several projects that we are able to evaluate large fleets of machinery and equipment. We have carried out both online valuations and appraisals including on-site machine inspections. On request, we will be happy to explain which services we can offer you.

The last larger appraisal job was a mine in Congo with CAT 777G trucks, articulated haulers CAT 745 and Volvo A45. The excavators were Hitachi EX1900 and CAT 6030. There were motor graders 16H and various other machines. We don’t fear big iron.

For our inspectors, inspecting large used machines is part of their daily work. They look at the machines with the eyes of a future user. For this reason, and because we understand our customers, the inspection focuses on the technical details rather than the appearance of the equipment. Mevas has specialists for the inspection of mobile cranes and for the assessment of railway construction machinery in its team. Call us for more details.

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