Inspection of used cranes

Inspection for cranes, heavy forklifts, reach-stackers

Let us inspect the crane or lifting equipment you intend to purchase. It costs less than a leak hoist cylinder repair. Mevas has a network of engineers for crane inspections in more than 20 countries available. We can look back to more than 200 inspected mobile cranes including ATT, crawler cranes, truck mounted cranes and road cranes. We have experience withe cranes from different brands such as Tadano-Faun, Liebherr, Grove, Locatelli, PPT, Kato, Kobelco, Krupp, Gottwald and other brands. Also tower cranes of Liebherr or Potain can be inspected.

Crane inspections by Mevas

Mevas Crane Inspection Services

Call us now or contact us directly here for a crane inspection. If you want to learn more please visit our website There we explain the service in detail. Just one more thing: We do not offer the anual statutory inspections for cranes.

How does a crane inspection work?

Our crane inspection means, we would agree with the supplier a test procedure with an operational test. The crane operator (from seller) would operate the crane as requested by our inspector. Boom will be fully extended and checked for damages, slider wear and if straight. Lift rope and winches are approved for condition and functionality. Swing bearing play will be measured. Engines are checked for leaks and operational condition. Same with brakes and transmission. The technician inspects the crane underside for leaks, steering and brake components, axles and suspensions.

All this comes along with a detailed crane inspection checklist, a set of 60-90 photos and a video if required by customer. Report and photos are provided online to give various recipients access without sending large e-mails.

In difference to a statutory inspection we concentrate on technical condition and issues. The engineer searches for any damage to chassis, boom and structure. Does any item need repair or replacement soon? The Mevas crane inspection checklist is guiding the engineer through the inspection process. This way we can be sure he does not forget approval of any component.

Inspection for used fork lift trucks and reach stackers

No matter if you want to purchase a 1.5ton fork lift truck or a 40 ton container handler – we can perform a pre-delivery inspection for you. We check the general condition, we can measure if the chains are elongated and estimate the cost of necessary repairs. Our experience can help to select the best equipment for the money you pay.

Impressions from Crane Inspections

How we supply inspection reports

After a crane inspection the technicia sends all pictures, video and report to the main office. There a review will be done by another crane expert. All photos are compared with the crane inspection report. After review the files will be uploaded to a Cloud folder. We share a link with the customer.

The information about the crane is exclusively shared with the customer. The seller only gets a copy of the report if the buyer agree with it. And we don’t talk to anyone about inspection result.

Crane Inspection Checklist

On request we can send a sample for a Mevas Crane-Inspection-Checklist. Our checklists support the engineer when processing a crane inspection. It ensures he does not forget to test or inspect any of the crane components. Despite crane inspections are an important part of the service our core business is inspection of heavy construction equipment.

Where is Mevas inspecting used cranes?

Mevas offers inspection for used cranes since 2009. Meanwhile the team has inspected more than 200 used cranes of Liebherr, Tadano-Faun, Terex, Manitowoc, Demag and Grove. We have local inspectors available in the United Kingdom, in Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Turkey, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, in Dubai and in Belgium. We can easily access countries such as the U.A.E., Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Shanghai, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. Our inspectors are EU citiziens with easy access to more countries.