Heavy Equipment inspectors wanted

Mevas is continiously looking for freelance inspector fellows

Basic requirements and idea:

Our idea is to have local inspectors in many countries, especially in areas where a lot of used equipment is for sale and exported. This is to avoid techicians to travel several hundred miles to access a machine. Please note: We do not hire. Flow of work is not steady enough for full time work.

Where are we looking to expand our team currently?

We might be interested in a cooperation if your place of living is in one of those areas:

  • The Netherlands
  • South of France
  • Northern Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Sweden

What is required to become a Mevas inspector?

We engage technicians or technical inspectors with a proven background in heavy machinery such as excavators, wheel-loaders, farming machinery or drilling equipment. You are fimiliar with hydraulic systems and engines. You know at least how to move an excavator.

What do you need to perform inspections?

  • Safety boots and hard hat
  • Self-liability insurance
  • A car to travel in your area (up to 200km)
  • A digital camera with flash
  • A desktop computer with MS-Excel or a PDF writer
Sample Report for excavator

What do we offer?

We offer inspection training, access to inspection guides and technical knowledge. We provide tools and branded clothings. Last but not least we pay a very fair fee for the service inmediatelly after invoicing. Get in touch with Wolfgang to talk about related inspection fees.

Machinery on construction sites

Our experienced team does not only inspect road building machinery. The core business is inspection of earthmovers. Also railroad construction equipment, cranes, crushing and screen plant or mining machinery belong to the covered items. In some areas we can support with examination of civil engieering equipment.