Road Truck and Trailer Inspection

Do you intend to purchase used road trucks, concrete pumps, ready-mix-trucks or tractor-heads? Be carefully with truck traders. There are some reliable suppliers but in many cases you will meet the black sheep. If you are looking for an independent and knowledgeable service we can help. Mevas used truck inspectors are available in many countries. Our service for pre-delivery inspections is offered since 2006. We are not the cheapest but we offer a broad experience with all kind of lager vehicles. With more than 800 vehicle- and construction machine inspections per year we are the leading service provider in this sector.

Inspection Service for used trucks in many countries

Our inspector-team is available in more than 20 countries. We cover Holland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Hungary, parts of France, parts of Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, parts of the Baltic States and parts of the Balkan. We have local inspectors in the UK and Ireland.

For each kind of truck, trailer or tractor we have a special checklist. Our engineer approves all components, rates the condition and performs a functional test. We check tires, brakes as far as possible, transmission, clutch and engine.

Get trucks inspected for a fair price. The inspections costs you less than a new cardan.

Detailed check of truck condition

We have standardized inspection criteria and procedures across all countries. This way we can provide third-party independent inspection performed by trained professionals in same quality level. In some areas and cases we can offer failure code download for Mercedes and MAN trucks. Our experienced inspectors are able to check the condition of any truck superstructure as well. No matter if it is a sprayer, a fire rescue truck, a tanker, a tipper or a silo.

On request we can measure the layer thickness and we can check all truck- and safety related documents with the supplier.

Mevas Service range

The offer is not just visual inspection. On road trucks we do a test drive as far as possible. On concrete pumps we can offer a water test if supported by seller. For mixer trucks we check drum inside and outside. On trucks with cranes we do a functional and structural test of crane functions. Of course the inspector is checking all hydraulic and pneumatic functions.

Our service – your benefit

We are not the cheapest in the market. However, we offer a competitive service in high German quality. We are quick in service and our team is working straight forward to make the customer happy. By the way, Mevas and our inspectors are not trading with vehicles and don’t take commissions. We inspect trucks and machinery. That’s all.

Contact us with details of the trucks you want to purchase and location. We send you a quotation and a sample report within a few hours.

End of Lease Inspections

Due the structure of our company we can offer inspection of a larger number of used trucks in a short period of time. We can offer a coverage over several countries for reasonable prices.