Used heavy machinery from China

Hey brother, have you found any used construction machines in China that catch your interest? Maybe in Shanghai? See the inspection price info for Shanghai and Hefei on bottom of this page.

Used Equipment from Shanghai

Shanghai is known for having a lot of interesting construction machines like excavators, wheel loaders, rollers, motor graders, and other road construction machines. However, in China, you cannot blindly trust sellers as it is common for Chinese machines to be repainted and re-labelled, making it hard to identify the actual country of origin. This can be an unpleasant surprise for buyers when the machine arrives in another country and spare parts are unavailable. To avoid this, it is highly recommended that you have used construction machinery inspected in China before shipment. It is especially important not to make any down payments until you are sure about the condition and country of origin of the machine.

Machinery inspection service

Our service in China includes a visual inspection of the machine with a functional test using the seller’s driver. Our inspector takes various photos and videos and visually checks the condition and wear of the machine, including the serial numbers and engines. They also look for leaks and cracks on the chassis, assess the attachments and tires, and make an assessment of the reliability of the seller. While this may not be a perfect technical inspection service, it can help you avoid the biggest mistakes when buying a machine in China. We have had some unpleasant surprises in Shanghai and its surrounding areas, and some of our customers have lost a lot of money there. Some even ended up with a different machine than the one they inspected. Therefore, we highly recommend a second inspection at the port before shipment to be sure of what you are buying. We inspect all brands such as Caterpillar, Tadano, Komatsu or Doosan.

How much does a pre-shipping inspection in Shanghai cost?

In most cases we can inspect a single excavator or wheel loader in Shanghai for a fee of 800 Euro. If you have more than one machine in the same location a discount applies. Each additional machine in same location costs 300 Euro. Our inspectors there can inspect any construction machine such as motor-grader, bulldozer, excavator, wheel loader, truck, asphalt roller and any kind of mobile crane.

For inspections in Hefei area we need at least two units to go. Inspection for two units in Hefei would cost 1.700 Euro.