Free valuation of Heavy Equipment

A cost free valuator for construction equipment?

I assume you came to this page because you are looking for a free way to value heavy used equipment. Now, of course, the question arises, why would anyone offer a free evaluation of heavy machinery. Ultimately, every consulting service has a value. And as star investor Warren Buffet said: “There is no such thing as a free lunch”. So if you’re not paying for a construction equipment appraisal with money, you’re paying with something else. For example with your data. Or the reason for a free offer is that someone is interested in buying your used machine or in selling you a used equipment. So the service is free at first glance, but not in vain.

Equipment appraisal for a fair fee

We at MEVAS also offer the evaluation of construction machinery. Because we don’t want your data or your machine, this service comes at a small price. For €80 for a single construction machine, an experienced and human appraiser will determine the current market value of your machine. Without background interests or without passing on your data. Send us the info about the machine. Pay our little fee and we will go ahead. This offer is for an on-screen evaluation. If you need a more detailed survey with analysis of residual values we recommend an on-site-inspection with valuation by an expert.

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