Risks of Buying Used Construction Machinery

Safety advice when buing used heavy equipment

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In many countries, there are no high-quality used construction machines available. Therefore, it is a good idea to import them. The question is: where can you find good machines? Many websites advertise construction machinery. One example is Middle-East Plant & Equipment.

Who Provides Machine Data?

What are the risks of buying used construction machinery? When looking for machines, remember that all information is provided by the seller. Sellers may only give information that helps them make a sale. Before making any purchase, verify the credentials of the seller. Check for reviews, ratings, and any complaints from previous buyers. Trusted sellers usually have a good track record.

Repainted and Incorrectly Labeled Machines

We often inspect machines in China for our customers. We have found many copied or mislabeled machines. For example, we found a CAT 966H wheel loader that was not a real Caterpillar. It had a Cummins engine and an old air brake system. Sometimes, smaller excavators are labeled as larger models, like a Volvo EC290 labeled as a Volvo EC360.

Recommended Machinery Portals

We do not recommend a specific portal. However, it is safest to use websites where the seller’s identity and location have been verified. However, a selection of portals is visible at www.used-equipment.de

Dangerous Places to Buy From

Creating a website and selling construction machinery can be easy and cheap. Some people create fake websites, copy photos from other sites, and offer machines at very low prices. They might ask for a deposit to reserve the machine. Be very careful if a deposit is required before you see the machine.

What to Check When Buying a Used Machine

If you do not know the seller or have not received a recommendation, always send someone to see the machine. Using a professional inspection service like Mevas is a good idea. They will confirm if the machine exists and provide a detailed inspection report with photos and videos. Ask the supplier for maintenance records of the machinery. These records can provide insights into how well the machine has been cared for and if it has had any major repairs.

What to Pay Attention to When Paying

Check the seller’s account number. It should be in the same country as the seller. Call the seller’s accounting department to verify the number. Avoid paying via Western Union or with cryptocurrencies. It is better to spend an hour checking the website and the offer than to lose $10,000.

Secure Transportation and Machine Certification

Ensure that the machinery is transported securely. Hire reputable logistics companies that specialize in transporting heavy equipment to avoid any damage during transit. If you are importing machinery, be aware of the import regulations in your country. This includes understanding any duties, taxes, or restrictions that may apply. In some countries it is required to have a CE certification or to comply with emission regulations.