Why inspect used equipment before buying?

Be carefully when you purchase from unknown suppliers

Searching for dependable used equipment can be a challenging endeavor. It’s crucial to thoroughly assess the condition of any secondhand machinery before making a purchase, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the seller.

What should you consider and investigate?

  1. Evaluate the Seller: If you’re unfamiliar with the seller, exercise extra caution. We’ll delve deeper into this aspect in the following section.
  2. Working Hours Analysis: Scrutinize the machine’s working hours. Do they align with the machine’s overall condition and its year of manufacture? Try to gather information about the machine’s history from the seller to gain a clearer picture.
  3. Inspect for Wear and Tear: Examine the machine for any signs of wear and tear. Check the condition of essential components such as the ROPS, chassis, boom/stick for dents, bends, re-welded areas, or small cracks. Avoid purchasing equipment that might lead to costly issues down the road.
  4. Hydraulic System Assessment: Take a close look at the hydraulic system. Are the hydraulic oil levels within the normal range or too high? In the case of excess hydraulic oil, investigate for potential leaks.
  5. Tire and Undercarriage Examination: Tires and undercarriage components can represent a substantial cost. Assess the remaining service life of the tires and drive components to gauge potential future expenses.
  6. Functional Test/Test Drive: After scrutinizing the above aspects, conduct a function test or a test drive. Start the machine to observe its performance, and listen for any unusual noises or exhaust emissions. This step is vital in ensuring the equipment’s functionality.
  7. Attachments Inspection: If attachments are included in the sale, perform a thorough visual inspection to verify their condition and compatibility.

By paying careful attention to these seven critical factors, you can make a more informed decision when considering the purchase of used equipment.

More technical details:

Check used equipment carefully

Another important note

We want to remind you to be carefully when negotiating heavy equipment which is offered on the Internet. A few of those sites have just been created for fraud.

Be attentive if: 

  1. Machine price is far lower than for comparable units
  2. The seller makes pressure to decide very quickly: He pretends other people are interested in the same machine.
  3. The seller has just a mobile phone number and no landline.
  4. The seller requests a down-payment to reserve the machine.

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