CEC – Chartered Engineers Certificate for India

What for is a chartered engineers certificat required?

A Chartered Engineer’s Certificate (CEC) is specifically required to export used machinery to India. It’s not mandatory for new machinery.

The certificate verifies the condition, value, and remaining lifespan of the used machinery through a physical inspection by a chartered engineer. This assures Indian customs that the machinery meets their safety and quality standards.

Who can compile a Chartered Engineers Certificate for India?

A Chartered Engineer (CE) registered with Engineering Council of India (ECI) is authorized to compile a Chartered Engineer’s Certificate (CEC) for used machinery destined for India. Here’s a breakdown of who can compile the certificate:

  • Chartered Engineer (CE): The engineer must hold a Chartered Engineer designation, which signifies they’ve met stringent qualifications and experience requirements set by ECI.
  • Registered with ECI: The engineer needs to be registered with the Engineering Council of India (ECI), the official governing body for chartered engineers in India. This ensures they are recognized and adhere to ECI’s code of ethics and practice.

What is the cost of a CEC for India?

The cost of a Chartered Engineer’s Certificate (CEC) for India can vary depending on several factors, making it difficult to give a fixed price. Here’s what can influence the cost:

  • Size and complexity of the machinery: Inspecting and evaluating larger or more intricate machinery will likely require more time and effort from the engineer, leading to a higher fee.
  • Location of the machinery: If the machinery is located far from the chartered engineer, travel expenses might be added to the base fee.
  • Engineer’s experience: Chartered engineers with extensive experience might command a higher fee compared to those with less experience.

Here are some ways to get a better idea of the cost:

  • Contact Chartered Engineers: Search online or reach out to engineering firms in your area that offer CEC services. They can provide quotes based on the specific machinery you want to export.
  • Engineering Associations: Look into engineering associations in your region. They might have member directories that include chartered engineers offering CEC services, and you can contact them for quotes.

Contact Mevas for a CEC for India

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Inspection of new machinery before import to India

In some cases, it is necessary to approve the condition and readiness of new machinery for import into India. This may be the case for a letter of credit or a loan. It may also be required to fulfil the required specifications for the emission status of engines. If you need an independent inspection of construction machinery and specialised machinery in mining or civil engineering, we are the right partner for you. Contact us today with your enquiry. We guarantee a professional service in all European countries.