Ritchie Bros UK auction Maltby

Ritchie Bros. UK Online auction in Maltby, GBR on Wednesday Nov 8, 2023. Auction starts at 9:00 AM local time. Mevas inspectors are available for on-site inspections. If you need an independent machinery expert for unbiased inspection get in touch. We are www.mevas.co.uk and we are present in the United Kingdom with local inspectors.

Machinery inspection on heavy equipment auctions

If you need an inspector elsewhere you can talk to us as well. Mevas Machinery Inspectors are present in more than 25 countries.

Shorter inspections for auctions

On auction sites, it is often not possible or practical to carry out the full scope of a TA1-plus inspection. On the one hand, the possibility to operate machines is often limited. On the other hand, it does not always make sense to pay for a full inspection for a large number of machines, as the chance of becoming the highest bidder is limited. Therefore, we offer shorter inspections at a lower price. The final fee depends on where the auction takes place and how many machines someone wants to have inspected.

Sample reports for auction-site inspection

Below sample shows how a shortened inspection report looks like. Here you can download a PDF-sample.

Checklist for machinery inspection on auction
Checklist for heavy machinery on auction site