Machinery Inspections in the U.A.E.

Who can offer inspections for used heavy machinery in the Emirates?

Most people in the machinery industry know Mevas as a German inspection service with inspectors in Europe. Did you know we also have a technician in Dubai? Engineer Anas is covering the Emirates for us and is a really experienced guy. Just recently he inspected for us a CAT D8R bulldozer including measurement of undercarriage and download of the CAT-PSR from machine ECM.

We can offer inspections in all areas of the UAE. Our inspector can be present on the auction site of Ritchie Bros. Dubai to support your business. On auction sites we offer a special kind of inspection for a lower fee. Call us for more details.

CAT D8R bulldozer

How can I import a used bulldozer from Middle East?

Importing a used heavy machine like a bulldozer from the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) or any other country in the Middle East involves several steps and considerations. Here’s a general guide on how to import a used bulldozer:

  1. Research Import Regulations:
    Begin by researching the import regulations and requirements for heavy machinery in your country. Contact your country’s customs authority or visit their website to find information on necessary permits, taxes, duties, and safety standards.
  2. Verify Import Eligibility:
    Ensure that the bulldozer you intend to import complies with your country’s emissions standards, safety regulations, and other requirements. Some countries may have restrictions on the age or condition of imported used machinery.
  3. Find a Reliable Supplier:
    Look for reputable suppliers in the U.A.E. who deal with used bulldozers. You can check online marketplaces, industry directories, or work with a local agent or broker to help you find a reliable source.
  4. Inspect the Bulldozer:
    Before finalizing the purchase, arrange for an inspection of the bulldozer to ensure it’s in the condition as described. You may want to hire a third-party inspector or work with a trusted local contact in the U.A.E. to examine the equipment.
  5. Negotiate the Terms:
    Negotiate the purchase price, payment terms, and delivery arrangements with the seller. Be clear on who is responsible for shipping, insurance, and any necessary modifications to meet your country’s requirements.
  6. Obtain Documentation:
    Ensure that you have all the necessary documentation for the import process, including the bulldozer’s title, bill of sale, and any certificates of compliance. You may also need to provide identification and import licenses.
  7. Arrange Shipping:
    Decide on the shipping method (e.g., containerized shipping, roll-on/roll-off, or flat rack) and choose a reputable freight forwarder or shipping company experienced in heavy machinery transportation. Make sure the bulldozer is properly secured for transportation.
  8. Customs Clearance:
    Work with a customs broker or handle the customs clearance process yourself. Provide all required documents, pay any applicable customs duties, taxes, and fees, and follow the customs clearance procedures of your country.
  9. Pay Import Duties and Taxes:
    Be prepared to pay import duties and taxes, which can vary depending on the bulldozer’s value and your country’s import regulations. Consult with your country’s customs authority to determine the exact amount.
  10. Safety and Environmental Compliance:
    Ensure that the bulldozer meets safety and environmental standards in your country. You may need to make modifications or adjustments to comply with local regulations.
  11. Transport and Delivery:
    Arrange for the transportation of the bulldozer from the port of entry to your desired location, such as a construction site or storage facility.
  12. Register and Insure:
    Once the bulldozer is in your possession, register it with the relevant authorities and obtain insurance coverage as required in your country.

Keep in mind that the specific requirements and regulations can vary greatly depending on your country, so it’s essential to consult with local customs authorities, import experts, and legal professionals who specialize in import/export regulations to ensure a smooth and compliant import process.


  1. Werner says:

    Very interesting. Do you offer inspections in Shanghai as well?

  2. webuehn says:

    Hi Werner, yes, we can offer inspections in China but only in Shanghai area. However, be carefully there.

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